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New Year, New You; Why the hell not?

As the end of the year approaches many people are coming up with their new years resolutions. Some may be small acts of kindness. Others may decide to work on quiting a bad habit. And there will be those who decide it’s the perfect time to reinvent themselves; or at least try. I say GO FOR IT! Set a goal and shoot for the stars. 

What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll fail? You’ll do great for a few days, weeks, months and then jump ship back to the old you? Well I can sit here with positivity and tell you that you will absolutely fail if you don’t try (Cliche but 100% true.) And you can never really revert back to the “old you” because by having set a goal and worked towards it, for however long, you have ultimately changed yourself for the future. 

And there will be naysayers. & so many negative nancys full of snide remarks and ignorant comments; flash that bright smile of yours their way and keep on with your bad self. You owe them not a single second, thought or explanation. They do not know your story and most do not deserve to know the whys or hows that have brought you to being exactly who you are in the here and now. Those who love you, and I mean truly, madly, deeply love you, will be your biggest supporters, cheerleaders and the ones who have faith in you when you’ve lost every ounce you had in yourself. Hold those rare few individuals as close to you as you can; never let them slip away. They are your tribe, they are your people!

So whatever your goal; whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between it all; It’s your time. Let the New Year; New You hit you right in the soul and GO FOR IT! We are ALL works in progress and there will forever be goals to set and bars to raise. There is no time like the present to take that one small step towards the person you want to become. 

Incase you’re still reading and wondering – here are my top twenty for 2020:

  1. Complete my Yoga DVD at least 3x a week. 
  2. Travel more. Camping, girls weekends, and road trips. 
  3. Write for at least ten minutes a day. 
  4. End every day by listing three things I am thankful for. 
  5. Work a little less.
  6. Unplug from electronics more. 
  7. Train for and complete at least a 5k, if not more. 
  8. Sleep in and nap when my body needs it. (AKA listen to my body when I need rest.)
  9. Spend more time with all my babies, one on one & with their families. 
  10. Become a more accurate shooter with my hand guns. 
  11. Camp somewhere new with my husband/friends. (Trip already planned to a resort in New York this summer!)
  12. Keep toxic people/situations at bay. 
  13. Not feel guilty for putting my own mental/emotional health first & foremost. 
  14. Start saving for a trip abroad. (Greece, Italy, Ireland, Who knows & Whose coming with?)
  15. Pay off as much debt as possible. 
  16. Lean on the amazing souls who love me, unconditionally. 
  17. Maintain my weight and health. 
  18. Do random and anonymous acts of kindness, as much as possible. 
  19. Continue to show my love through thoughtfulness, cooking those I love a good meal, and the gift of my time. 
  20. Complete the first five chapters of that book I’m writing. 

There you have it. Some may seem silly, some may seem odd; however  they are mine. 🙂 I am always  setting goals for myself. I believe in pushing myself and those I love to be the absolute best versions of ourselves. 

So whatever goal you have; set it and reach for the stars, and remember; I am cheering you on, every.single.step & every.single day.  YOU GOT THIS!

And remember where you are now is because of where you’ve been. Give yourself credit for all the triumphs you’ve had, the days you pulled yourself out of bed when you thought you couldn’t face another day, the moments you’ve struggled to like yourself, and all the minutes, hours, and days in between. You are a warrior; never forget what you’re fighting for – YOU!

Happy New Year to all those who continue to read my blog, love me without hesitation and inspire me on a regular basis. I am beyond blessed and look forward to another beautiful year full of love, laughter and happily ever afters. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “New Year, New You; Why the hell not?”

    1. Thank you so much! If i can inspire one person, i have done what i set out to do with this blog. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and thank you for still visiting my site and to reading my words!. ❤


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