💣 Fragile; Like a Bomb 💥

Yep, I’m admitting it. There are moments, days and even weeks that I feel like I will go off at any moment. Tick tick tick. . . 💣 Generally I’m viewed as having a pretty type A personality. I live for plans, sticking to plans, and always having a back up plan ready to go.... Continue Reading →

Oh Bittersweet Father’s Day

In the last twelve-ish years since my Poppa passed away I have felt any and all emotions you can imagine surrounding Father’s Day. The first several chapters of the book I started to write of a life without my Poppa I would lock myself in my room and fall into my own pit of sadness... Continue Reading →

Share Your Heart. ♥️

I am now thirty one years old. Craziness, isn’t it?! I honestly never imagined being where I am in this moment. Or who I am. In the last several years I have grown into someone who loves her own skin. Someone who is proud of every scar and battle wound she has acquired. Years ago... Continue Reading →

It’s A-Okay!!!

(Side Note; Yes, I make this face A LOT. No, it won’t stop. Yes, I have always been told some day my face will be stuck like that. No, I didn’t get out of my pj’s today. 🤷‍♀️) It’s okay not to be okay. . .✔️It's okay not to have to all together 24/7. ✔️It's... Continue Reading →

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